Customer Tip #3

CUSTOMER TIP: Words have meaning. At least, they should. Unfortunately more often than not, in this new age of slogans and gimmicks, mission statements and goal setting, companies forget to “say what they mean, and mean what they say”.

Just because your receptionist SAYS ‘thank you for calling’ to each customer before she speeds through the company name and the other  phrase she’s required to say… doesn’t mean she’s actually appreciative for that customer’s call. It’s obvious in the robotic, memorized cadence in how the words are delivered with each call.  Making someone say something doesn’t force them to feel it.

The real key is to help employees understand why customers are important. Our purpose for coming to work each day must be more than to get a paycheck at the end of the week. Employees need to understand that it is a customer that actually pays our checks, keeps the lights on and truly holds the cards for any given business.

Without our customers coming back, we face the harsh reality facing many companies these days – the doors closing, families losing jobs, owners losing even more.

Why the construction industry needs holiday greeting cards in their marketing strategy

The sole purpose of a good marketing program is not to generate a flood of qualified sales leads. The golden rule in all your marketing efforts is to build relationships with your client base and with your potential future clients.

The construction industry is a highly competitive market place. Your company needs to stand out from the rest and have a unique selling point that will attract potential clients. According to Business Development Managers within the construction industry, building relationships is the most crucial strategy you can adopt in developing a healthy client base.

Create a strong desire for clients to use your company. Focusing heavily on ‘benefits’ is far less effective than focusing on ‘loss aversion’ whichs is a more compelling when it comes to purchasing and motivation. When you’re developing marketing materials, keep this fundamental concept in mind. With companies coming and going, having a long and reliable track record is priceless to reinforce the concept of loss aversion. You want potential clients to know, if they choose not to use you, they will lose out because you have experience, reliability and good client relations.

Take the time to write personal notes and send cards. Send construction themed Christmas cards to clients during the holidays. has a huge selection of industry specific holiday cards to ensure your company’s card stands out and gets you noticed. Adding your company logo to a construction greeting card further focuses your client on your company. Adding “serving clients since…” verbiage inside the card helps reassure your clients you are stable and reliable. Visit and click on the construction text on the left side to view the selection of fun, whimsical and artistic construction greeting cards.