Good Customer Service is an Art!

sw-00541   CUSTOMER SERVICE…                                            

Each letter within the title provides a clue to help improve our skills!
C – Communicate regularly. Out of site; out of mind.
U- Understand your product or service. Your knowledge is a tool to ensure your effectiveness for customers.
S – Stay focused. Time management is key. Be kind but not chatty. Ensure your customer is heard and helped and then leave them be.
T – Terminology can be confusing. Be sure you speak using language that is clear and understandable for everyone.
O – Offer an apology. A sincere apology for your error, the error of your company or just a misunderstanding or frustrating experience lowers customer tension.  
M – Make sure customers feel important and appreciated. Simply saying the phrase “thank you” or “welcome to…” is of no value if it’s obvious that you sound like it’s part of a script.
E – Everything you do or say is a reflection on your organization. Always be professional.
R – Review your tone, body language and the words you use. Be clear and positive.

S E R V I C E…

S – Smile – even if your customer isn’t physically in front of you. Your voice reflects this non-verbal communication and makes a big difference in your interaction.
E – Every customer deserves your undivided attention. Leave home at home and keep distractions at bay.
R – Respect your customers’ time: answer phones promptly. Don’t make customers explain a problem more than once or to more than one person; offer both automatic and “real people” avenues for callers when possible.
V – Value feedback. Encourage and welcome suggestions and be willing to grow as a person and a company.
I – Identify common ground or common interests with your customer to humanize the relationship and improve interactions overall.  Deep down, we’re all the same. We want to be understood and we want to be treated with respect.
C – Clarify and rephrase what customers say to ensure you understand their needs. Don’t make this sound scripted; do it so they know you are listening and will help manage their concern.
E – Empathy, patience and consistency. Provide the same high level of service to everyone.

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