Accounting industry marketing strategies and industry specific greeting cards.

While there are plenty of marketing strategies for CPAs, 2 stand out as key strategies for longevity.

1) Target carefully. Many firms are focusing more heavily in tighter niches: start up businesses, indsutry specific businesses, etc. You become more experienced in that specific area allowing you to better serve your clientelle.

2) Be service oriented. It costs 5 times more to get a new client than to retain a current one. Make and keep business relationships.

Take the time to write personal notes and send cards. Send accountant themed Christmas cards to clients during the holidays. has a huge selection of industry specific holiday cards to ensure your company’s card stands out and gets you noticed. Adding your company logo to a greeting card created specifically for accountants further focuses your client on your company. Visit and click on the accountant text on the left side to view the selection of professional, whimsical and artistic CPA greeting cards.

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