ON-PRESS Printing Services, Inc. began it’s life as a commercial printer servicing customers in Nevada and California beginning in 2000. Our success was based on our ability to DO, what we said we were going to do. Give the customer more than what they are expecting. Be the company you’d want to patronize.

Always interested in helping businesses better brand and market themselves, and looking for a way to be more than someone’s printer, we began creating our own greeting cards under our dba, House of Cards, in 2005.  With our expertise in print production, graphics and marketing together with our goal to help businesses, be they mom-and-pop or fortune 500 companies, our greeting cards were created for the business industry and tradesmen in mind.

We are not like the average greeting card seller, whether brick and mortar or eCommerce. Why are we different? For starters, we physically print and complete all manufacturing of our cards in our own facility; we are not brokers. We also maintain our own knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff. Your call will be answered quickly, and by someone who can assist you, whenever you call between 8:30am-4:30pm M-F, PST. And most important, our cards are our own designs; each one exclusively copyrighted and available only through us.

Our owners are engaged and an integral part of the business. Their vision and dedication to helping other businesses thrive and grow is key and ensures our full focus on our card orders and our customers’ needs.  We own over 1200 unique designs that span offerings to roughly 100 industries. From Accountant Christmas cards, to Engineering Christmas cards, Landscaping Christmas cards, Oil Industry Christmas cards, Plumbing Christmas cards and Welding Christmas cards; we have cards that service your industry. And if we don’t, we want to know about it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. We’re always excited to learn more about yours. Please email or post with thoughts, suggestions or just to share your story with us.

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