3 Ways to Save Time and Money When Ordering Holiday Cards

Never stop the thought process at the price tag.

Whether you are a one man band wearing every hat from president to janitor or you have a sizable staff to assist in getting your cards out timely, spending labor doing something that can be better done elsewhere and save you money in the long run only makes good business (and good financial) sense.

These are the 3 best ways to save labor costs and ensure everyone in your organization is working on something that makes your business run smoothly and make a profit.

  1. Have your company name preprinted on your cards. Marketing matters. Even if you plan to write something inside your cards, your company name needs to be clear and readable (which isn’t always the case after writing it 100 times by hand). This upgrade is included free with a standard greeting for www.IndustryGreeting.com orders.
  2.  Order Peel & Seal envelopes. Productivity matters. These envelopes have a peel off backer (protecting the sticker like adhesive) on the back flap. You can quickly slide the card into the envelope, peel the backer and press seal the envelope flap closed. Without these envelopes the mail organizer in your company has to either lick each envelope (NEVER lick an envelope – another story for another time but NEVER lick the gummed backer of an envelope.) or they must  use of a sponge or glue stick to seal the envelope. Each of these processes is time waster and mess maker.
  3. Have your return address preprinted on your envelopes. Good data matters. Sending your card without a return address is a waste of money for your company. If your customer moves, and you have a return address on your envelope, that card will be returned to you at no charge and provides you valuable information. Often the forwarding address is provided so you can update your records. Other times it won’t but it gives you an opportunity to contact your customer to say hi, get their new address and to see if there’s anything your company can do for them. Without that address, the card moves into the post office abyss never to be found.  Using your own stamp or labels is the second best option, but neither option presents itself with the professional look and feel of the preprinted address.


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