#1 Marketing Strategy

Whether or not you normally use direct mail to market your business, using your holiday greeting card as a marketing tool is marketing strategy number one! Always send industry specific cards to your customers, staff and vendors. It is the most effective marketing campaign you will ever launch.

1) Christmas cards are viewed as gifts. Cards are kept and typically displayed for an extended period of time. This happens for both business and home card recipients.

2) This only works if you are sending industry specific greeting cards. You want your card to stand out; to represent YOU and WHAT YOU DO. If you are a landscaper you want to send a landscaping holiday card. A card that says “LANDSCAPER”. This happens with the subject matter on the face of the card. If you send a clever card with Santa performing landscaping work, your card stands out. When your customer has friends over for the holidays they will see your card. “Hey, that’s a great card.” a friend might remark. “I was looking for a new landscaper, how do you like this company?“.  And there you have it. Your card, together with your service, create an avenue for your satisfied customer to be your best salesman ever.

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